by Rob Phillips, CPA

At YieldBoard, we are a provider of strategic investment ideas that offer the highest yield and overall market returns. We are research professionals, not financial advisors or investment custodians.

We do not peddle investment products. We are a group of investors who are constantly searching for the best yields worldwide. Our research is vast and we maintain a database investment ideas and market approaches.

Our research group encompasses CPAs, financial planners, and other professionals who scour the internet looking for the best investments available. We offer comprehensive research and provide insight into efficient yield strategies that offer sizable returns.

Our professionals have a diverse background in:

  • Investment analysis
  • Tax planning and structuring
  • Retirement plan design and plan implementation
  • Trust and custodial structuring

Our goal is to educate individual investors and the investment community at large. We look to yield plays that aren’t often understood by the market or traditional advisors. We diligently examine the marketplace and offer strategic advice to the best yield products to help you grow your portfolio or retirement plan. 

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